Price of Tesla Model S

Company Tesla Motor which for the first time has declared by creation high-speed electropenalty, named cost of the new, more “budgetary” model which debut display else only should take place within the next few days, and sales and at all will begin at all next year.

The premiere of sedan Model S will take place on March, 26th current year, and in sale Tesla Model S will arrive in the end of 2011, but the price of the car is known already today. Electromobile cost in a base complete set will make $57,400, and taking into account the tax discount at purchase of ecologically pure car $49,900 will turn out.
tesla model s
Thus, sedan Tesla will manage to the buyer in the sum half conceding to cost of a roadster, the price on which begins from $109 thousand, перeдает Autonews. Moreover, Model S is much cheaper than the basic competitor – the hybrid sedan Fisker Karma which cost starts from $87,900.

According to company Tesla plans, originally Model S showed up in the markets of the USA and Europe and only then electromobiles will arrive to Asia.

Hybrid Koenigsegg Quant

To the message on the next working out hybrid a superpenalty today already hardly someone will be surprised. And here news about creation a sport penalty on “solar pull-rod” quite is worthy.

koenigsegg quantKnown company Koenigsegg presented in Geneva concept car Quant. Four-seater hybrid sports car is developed by concern in common with experts from company NLV Solar which is engaged in manufacture of the devices working on solar batteries. As they say in the press release, the concept car is not any fantastic working out, and quite real car. The model cruising range should make about 500 km then additional charge of batteries which will occupy about 20 minutes is necessary to Increase duration of a way will help a special covering of a body with photo-electric elements and system transforms to kinetic energy at braking. Power of Koenigsegg Quant will make 512 h.p., as much as possible twisting moment – 715 Nanometers. The power-plant weight is reached by 140 kg, weight of this car – 1780 kg. Rear-drive the car is capable to type first “hundred” for 5,2 sec, the maximum speed – about 275 km/hour. For safety of passengers and the driver electric Koenigsegg Quant six “clever” pillows of safety, electronic system of stabilisation, ABS and other technologies answer. The price and exact terms of manufacture of the car are not called

Audi R15 TDI being tested

Company Audi became the first-ever manufacturer who has released the second generation of diesel racing cars. For Audi R15 TDI participation in the 24-sentry a marathon of Le Mans – excellent possibility to show the achievements, after all the well-known races perfectly well approach for demonstration of technical possibilities of a novelty.
audi r15 tdi
“Heart” Audi R15 TDI – new engine V10 TDI power over 600 h.p., developing maximum twisting moment more than 1050 Nanometers. This motor is more compact and easier than the 12-cylinder engine installed on R10 TDI. In new bolid specific fuel consumption and level of blowout СО2 depending on it also is lowered, the company press-service informs. Innovations in technology of a turbo-supercharging and fuel injection have simultaneously allowed to improve engine reaction.

Till now Audi is the unique motor-car manufacturer, won 24-sentries of race of Le Mans on the diesel car. “With creation innovative R15 TDI we pawn a basis for the next victory in Le Mans in 2009”, – the head of division Audi Motorsport Wolfgang Ulrih speaks.

Racing debut Audi R15 TDI will take place on March, 21st during 12-sentries of races in the USA, the State of Florida. In 24-sentries races of Le Mans which will pass on June, 13-14th, command Audi Sport Team Joest plans participation of three cars.

German Artega GT

German company Artega has brought to Geneva where there passes the international motor show, at once two copies a sport penalty under simple name GT.

artega gtSport car Artega GT will be released, predictably, by the limited number of cars. In the first year at factory will assemble 350 copies of model, and in the following the quantity of the assembled cars will increase to 500 pieces. The German motor-car manufacturer declared, that the novelty corresponds to ecological norms “Euro-5”, average fuel consumption will make no more than 9.1 l on 100 km of a way, is spoken in the press release.

The model is equipped by V-shaped engine in volume of 3.6 l which is developed in Volkswagen Group. The engine is joined with transmission DSG helping the car to be accelerated with 0 to 100 km/hour for 4,8 seconds of Sale Artega GT will begin in the end of this month under the price €79,950.

The future of Infiniti – Essence

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary, and at the same time and to allow to glance in the near future, company Infiniti on the international motor show in Geneva has held official presentation of concept car Essence.

EssenceJudging by a concept, the future of Japanese company Infiniti promises to be very friendly in relation to environment. The car, which design had time to compare many with Fisker Karma, is completed with hybrid installation. It consists from familiar petrol 3.7 l of engine V6 power of 440 h.p. and an electric motor which has received the name 3D Motor. Power of last “cursor” makes 160 h.p., that is joint effort of motors – 600 h.p.

The electric motor scoops energy from the complete set lithium-ionic of the batteries located in a rear of a concept. Engines can work as in steam, and separately, is spoken in the press release. For example, in a city the car which has got to plugs begins to use only the electric power, and on free highway rear-wheel coupe Essence will involve for movement all of 660 h.p.

Exclusive Sports Car – Wiesmann MF4

The German company Wiesmann Auto-Sport specialising on working out and manufacture exclusive sports car of manual assembly, possessing, as a rule, a classical silhouette, within the limits of Geneva Motor Show has presented next luxury unique person – roadster Wiesmann MF4.

Wiesmann MF4 will be issued in two versions. The standard model is equipped by V-shaped “eight” from BMW in volume 4.8 l. Power of such engine makes 367 h.p., as much as possible a twisting moment reaches 490 Nanometers.

wiesmann mf4For fans of driving in style “faster and hotter” the manufacturer will offer roadster MF4 with letter S. Wiesmann MF4-S it is completed by the 429-strong motor in volume of 4 l from BMW M3. As much as possible twisting moment of installation – 400 Nanometers. The roadster body is executed from composit materials, the chassis – from aluminium. Dispersal to first “hundred” at Wiesmann MF4-S occupies 4,4 sec, and maximum reaches almost 300 km/hour.

Cost standard Wiesmann MF4 makes €128,9 thousand, and for MF4-S it is necessary to pay €137,9 thousand, writes WCF.

Let’s remind, that annually Wiesmann Auto-Sport delivers on the market no more than 50 of these sports cars.