New high performance car from Spain - GTA Spano

The newbie of world car industry - the Spanish company GTA Motors - announced a premiere on the motor-show in Geneva the serial version of model Spano which intend to sell in many countries of the world. Two door model Spano, the first-born of the Spanish manufacturer, in a conceptual kind has been shown the public three years ago. About distinctions between serial model and super car in GTA Motors prefer not to extend. It is expected that commodity super cars it will be constructed on the easy chassis executed from carbon and the titan, and receives carboplastic a body.

In a motor compartment of the car the 8.3-litre gasoline engine with a mechanical supercharger settles down. Capacity V-shaped “tens” makes 820 h.p., the maximum twisting moment reaches 960 Nanometers. The motor is aggregated with seven-step gear box. The novelty in the equipped weight of 1 350 kg develops the maximum speed of 350 km/h, being dispersed to first “hundred” 2,9 with. In 2009 representatives GTA Motors declared that agreements are entered into with dealers about sales Spano to Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Germany and Italy. The super car makes cost $725 000.