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New high performance car from Spain - GTA Spano

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The newbie of world car industry - the Spanish company GTA Motors - announced a premiere on the motor-show in Geneva the serial version of model Spano which intend to sell in many countries of the world. Two door model Spano, the first-born of the Spanish manufacturer, in a conceptual kind has been shown the public three years ago. About distinctions between serial model and super car in GTA Motors prefer not to extend. It is expected that commodity super cars it will be constructed on the easy chassis executed from carbon and the titan, and receives carboplastic a body.

In a motor compartment of the car the 8.3-litre gasoline engine with a mechanical supercharger settles down. Capacity V-shaped “tens” makes 820 h.p., the maximum twisting moment reaches 960 Nanometers. The motor is aggregated with seven-step gear box. The novelty in the equipped weight of 1 350 kg develops the maximum speed of 350 km/h, being dispersed to first “hundred” 2,9 with. In 2009 representatives GTA Motors declared that agreements are entered into with dealers about sales Spano to Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Germany and Italy. The super car makes cost $725 000.

German Artega GT

Monday, March 16th, 2009

German company Artega has brought to Geneva where there passes the international motor show, at once two copies a sport penalty under simple name GT.

artega gtSport car Artega GT will be released, predictably, by the limited number of cars. In the first year at factory will assemble 350 copies of model, and in the following the quantity of the assembled cars will increase to 500 pieces. The German motor-car manufacturer declared, that the novelty corresponds to ecological norms “Euro-5″, average fuel consumption will make no more than 9.1 l on 100 km of a way, is spoken in the press release.

The model is equipped by V-shaped engine in volume of 3.6 l which is developed in Volkswagen Group. The engine is joined with transmission DSG helping the car to be accelerated with 0 to 100 km/hour for 4,8 seconds of Sale Artega GT will begin in the end of this month under the price €79,950.

Exclusive Sports Car - Wiesmann MF4

Monday, March 16th, 2009

The German company Wiesmann Auto-Sport specialising on working out and manufacture exclusive sports car of manual assembly, possessing, as a rule, a classical silhouette, within the limits of Geneva Motor Show has presented next luxury unique person - roadster Wiesmann MF4.

Wiesmann MF4 will be issued in two versions. The standard model is equipped by V-shaped “eight” from BMW in volume 4.8 l. Power of such engine makes 367 h.p., as much as possible a twisting moment reaches 490 Nanometers.

wiesmann mf4For fans of driving in style “faster and hotter” the manufacturer will offer roadster MF4 with letter S. Wiesmann MF4-S it is completed by the 429-strong motor in volume of 4 l from BMW M3. As much as possible twisting moment of installation - 400 Nanometers. The roadster body is executed from composit materials, the chassis - from aluminium. Dispersal to first “hundred” at Wiesmann MF4-S occupies 4,4 sec, and maximum reaches almost 300 km/hour.

Cost standard Wiesmann MF4 makes €128,9 thousand, and for MF4-S it is necessary to pay €137,9 thousand, writes WCF.

Let’s remind, that annually Wiesmann Auto-Sport delivers on the market no more than 50 of these sports cars.

Pagani Zonda Cinque

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

These days some especially nervous economists already compare to Great Depression. According to their logic, cost elite sports car should if not to fall, at least, not to increase. But company Pagani into this account has a, special opinion.

In June, 2008 when there were messages on that, on the market leaves Pagani Zonda Cinque, its cost was estimated in €800 thousand, as during pre-crisis times, we will agree, “sounded”. Economic recession has oddly affected the model price, having increased it is equal twice.

Company Pagani has exposed on sale the first copy Zonda Cinque for €1,6 million (about $2 million). It is a payment for adrenaline which will be developed during a trip, and, of course, for exclusive image of the owner.

This hot sports car is equipped by engine V12 power of 678 h.p., it is maximum which twisting moment reaches 780 Nanometers. The motor disperses the two-seater to first “hundred” for 3,4 sec, and a mark of 200 km/hour the model passes for 9,6 seconds

In total it will be sold five copies superpenalty Pagani Zonda Cinque.

Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

New luxury sports car Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing became the first model which develops court tuning studio of German concern. Long before a debut of a novelty management AMG has ventured to open some details about the car, having illustrated with their pictures of test prototypes.

New car Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing almost completely will make of aluminium, its weight will make 1620 kg, and on each 2,84 kg one “horsepower” will have. The car begins to be completed 6.3 l with engine V8. Power of the motor makes 571 h.p., as much as possible twisting moment - 650 Nanometers. The given installation will help model for 3,8 sec to type first “hundred”, and after 8 more sec to pass a mark of 200 km/hour. The maximum speed a sport penalty reaches 315 km/hour and that Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing could stop quickly enough, it will equip with a ceramic braking system, is spoken in the press release. To the driver the seven-high-speed gear box with two clutches will help to cope powerful super sports car.

The car with type doors “a side panel of a seagull” in a standard complete set will receive system ESP with three modes - ESP ON, ESP SPOR and ESP OFF. On model “will put” in front in 19-inch disks, and behind - in 20-inch. From last technologies Mercedes the light-emitting diode head optics and the new version of multimedia system COMAND will be accessible to the car. The low centre of gravity, good aerodynamics, bright design, high level of safety and comfort, fine on shafts (48/52). What is necessary a sport penalty to recognise as its excellent?

In sale SLS AMG Gullwing will roughly arrive in the spring of the next year. Car cost will make approximately €140 thousand

Fresh Sports Car Lotus Evora

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

The open version a sports car always sounds for fans to take pleasure in a drink of fresh air on the big speed simply cool. For this reason many manufacturers of sports cars try to indulge the tempted buyers cabriolets.

lotus evoraThe British motor-car manufacturer Lotus preparing for sale new sport penalty Evora, has reflected on release of the open version of the car. Following not only to fashionable tendencies, but also remembers about a purse of the buyer, Lotus is intended to equip cabriolet Evora with the same soft roof what is equipped car Elise.

To expect occurrence of a novelty from Lotus follows not earlier than 2011 as on model working out will leave, at least, about two years. It is supposed, that the cabriolet begins to be completed with the same 276-strong engine, as well as a coupe.

One more pleasant news to admirers Lotus Evora is the information that the company considers possibility of release of the “charged” version of coupe SC. Under a model cowl 3.5 l by power of 400 h.p. will be installed, writes TopSpeed.