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Price of Tesla Model S

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Company Tesla Motor which for the first time has declared by creation high-speed electropenalty, named cost of the new, more “budgetary” model which debut display else only should take place within the next few days, and sales and at all will begin at all next year.

The premiere of sedan Model S will take place on March, 26th current year, and in sale Tesla Model S will arrive in the end of 2011, but the price of the car is known already today. Electromobile cost in a base complete set will make $57,400, and taking into account the tax discount at purchase of ecologically pure car $49,900 will turn out.
tesla model s
Thus, sedan Tesla will manage to the buyer in the sum half conceding to cost of a roadster, the price on which begins from $109 thousand, перeдает Autonews. Moreover, Model S is much cheaper than the basic competitor - the hybrid sedan Fisker Karma which cost starts from $87,900.

According to company Tesla plans, originally Model S showed up in the markets of the USA and Europe and only then electromobiles will arrive to Asia.

The future of Infiniti - Essence

Monday, March 16th, 2009

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary, and at the same time and to allow to glance in the near future, company Infiniti on the international motor show in Geneva has held official presentation of concept car Essence.

EssenceJudging by a concept, the future of Japanese company Infiniti promises to be very friendly in relation to environment. The car, which design had time to compare many with Fisker Karma, is completed with hybrid installation. It consists from familiar petrol 3.7 l of engine V6 power of 440 h.p. and an electric motor which has received the name 3D Motor. Power of last “cursor” makes 160 h.p., that is joint effort of motors - 600 h.p.

The electric motor scoops energy from the complete set lithium-ionic of the batteries located in a rear of a concept. Engines can work as in steam, and separately, is spoken in the press release. For example, in a city the car which has got to plugs begins to use only the electric power, and on free highway rear-wheel coupe Essence will involve for movement all of 660 h.p.

Sketch of Samsung eMX Concept

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

On the eve of Seoul the motor-show which will open in April, in a network there were sketches of new concept Samsung eMX, anticipating themselves an exit in 2010 of sedan Samsung SM3.

samsung emxThe car was developed Renault-Samsung Motors with the assistance of almost 400 engineers from France, Japan and South Korea. The model eMX, that is deciphered as “eco-Motoring Experience”, 205 h.p. (with new Renault Laguna GT) will be completed 2-litre charged with the engine power or 136 h.p. (it it is equipped Samsung SM3/Nissan Bluebird Sylphy), or. Last motor about 300 Nanometers of a driving torque promises to the compact car quite good dynamics.

In spite of the fact that on a paper the concept looks now enough futuristic, its many lines will pass to serial model. Details about this car become known after premier show in Seoul.

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

On the international motor show in Geneva Aston Martin has shown to public the unique concept car Lagonda and on this achievement the English company to stop does not prepare.

aston martin lagondaTill the end of spring Aston Martin will present second concept car Lagonda which will resemble more the serial version of the car. As David Richards the member of board of concern admitted interview Le Blog Auto, the Geneva exhibit has been created to check up on purpose only reaction of the automobile world and to involve in reviving brand Lagonda attention of the public.

In May of current year, according to Richards, Aston Martin will show the second concept, “which becomes almost full contrast to that you saw in Geneva”. Thus one of heads of the British company has refused to open any technical details. According to initial plans Aston Martin, brand Lagonda will appear in the market with the first model within the next three years.