Audi R15 TDI being tested

Company Audi became the first-ever manufacturer who has released the second generation of diesel racing cars. For Audi R15 TDI participation in the 24-sentry a marathon of Le Mans - excellent possibility to show the achievements, after all the well-known races perfectly well approach for demonstration of technical possibilities of a novelty.
audi r15 tdi
“Heart” Audi R15 TDI - new engine V10 TDI power over 600 h.p., developing maximum twisting moment more than 1050 Nanometers. This motor is more compact and easier than the 12-cylinder engine installed on R10 TDI. In new bolid specific fuel consumption and level of blowout СО2 depending on it also is lowered, the company press-service informs. Innovations in technology of a turbo-supercharging and fuel injection have simultaneously allowed to improve engine reaction.

Till now Audi is the unique motor-car manufacturer, won 24-sentries of race of Le Mans on the diesel car. “With creation innovative R15 TDI we pawn a basis for the next victory in Le Mans in 2009″, - the head of division Audi Motorsport Wolfgang Ulrih speaks.

Racing debut Audi R15 TDI will take place on March, 21st during 12-sentries of races in the USA, the State of Florida. In 24-sentries races of Le Mans which will pass on June, 13-14th, command Audi Sport Team Joest plans participation of three cars.